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Mold Prevention

In addition to being a certified mold inspector, MoldXpertsNY is pleased to serve as a mold prevention advisor to local home and business owners. Unfortunately, mold control is not a one-time occurrence. Even if you’ve had your property tested and gone through the steps to eradicate mold, it’s important to stay vigilant about recurring problems with wetness and basement mold. Preventing mold is possible when you follow our proven tips for effective mold control. Learn what you can do to prevent mold from our experienced inspectors. Call us today to schedule your mold prevention consultation!

No property is immune to mold in basement areas, walls, floors, attics, and other locations. Regardless of how old or new your building is, mold prevention depends largely on proper moisture control. If your home or business is prone to flooding or humidity problems, you'd be wise to make us your mold specialist in the Manhattan region. From advice on eliminating basement mold to pointers for black mold prevention, you can count on MoldXpertsNY to help you block out mold.

MoldXpertsNY - basement moldWhy wait for the emergence of mold to set up your mold control consultation? If you’d rather be safe than sorry, contact MoldXpertsNY today for an on-site session with our mold prevention pros. We can offer advice on a variety of mold control methods, including:

  • Using dehumidifiers
  • Avoiding standing water
  • Ensuring proper ventilation
  • Insulating pipes
  • And others

With just a few simple mold prevention measures, it’s possible to alleviate persistent water issues and put your mold control problems behind you. For sound suggestions on how to prevent mold from becoming a health hazard to your family or business, bring in the consultants from MoldXpertsNY!

Get Free Tips on Preventing Mold

When you hire MoldXpertsNY for your professional mold testing, you’ll receive free mold prevention advice from our certified mold inspectors. That’s right! Your mold control consultation is included at no charge as part of your mold inspection and testing services. It’s just one more way we strive to make our mold and mildew prevention advice as convenient and affordable as it can be.

Wondering how to prevent mold in the Manhattan area? Look no further than MoldXpertsNY for the practical pointers you need. Plus, choose us as your mold specialist for a full-service inspection and your mold prevention assistance is free. Call us for details!

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