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Mold Remediation and VOC Testing

How to Vet Your Mold Assessment Professional

A mold professional might claim to be certified, but what does that actually mean? Dig deeper and ask questions before you hire.

Is Mold Making You Sick?

If you are constantly sick, your sickness could be due to a mold issue in your home!

Test Your Building for Indoor Air Safety

Poor indoor air quality can have detrimental health effects on those who live and work in affected buildings. Get professional air quality testing to determine the level of toxic compounds in your air and whether you need air quality treatment.

Mold Assessment Is Your First Step Toward a Healthier Indoor Environment

We can help you determine whether mold testing is necessary.

4 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

During the winter months, people are spending more time inside and dealing with indoor air quality more.  Here are 4 tips to improve the indoor air quality: 1. Open your windows-When the temperatures are warm enough go ahead and open the windows to get fresh air in. The air quaity is much better and there is less pollutants. 2. Vacuum- By eliminating dust and other toxins in your home it can improve air quality. 3. Buy plants-By having plants it absorbs the toxins in the air and gives clean oxygen. 4. Get rid of the cleaning products-Studies have shown that children have more infections from all the bleach in the home. Try and eliminate if you can.  If you need your indoor air quality tested call MoldXpertsNY today! 

What Do You Know About Mold?

What do you know about mold? Here are ten things you should know about: 1. There is a potential to have health effects and symptoms such as allergic reactions, respiratory issues and asthma.2. You can never eliminate mold but you can control the indoor mold growth.3. Is mold an issue in your home or business? You need to eliminate sources of moisture.4. Make sure to fix the water problem or leak.5. Reduce the humidity indoors to 30%-60% to decrease mold growth.6. Clean the areas that are wet and make sure you act within 24-48 hours.7. Make sure to use water and detergent to clean mold on hard surfaces.8. Try and prevent condensation.9. If you have a moisture issue do not install carpeting.10. Mold is everywhere! If you are having a mold issue make sure to call MoldXpertsNY today to let us test it for you!

Preventing Mold Growth in Your Home

Is there mold in your home? There are some things you can do to prevent mold growth in your home. The first thing is to handle spills and leaks. If you notice something in your home make sure the spill or leak is taken care of within 24-48 hours. The second thing is to make sure the ground near your home is sloping away from your foundation. If the ground is not away from the home it can cause the rainwater or runoff go towards your home, which can cause mold. Third make sure you are monitoring indoor humidity. When the months become colder people spend more time in  the home which can cause more humidity. As the homeowner make sure to keep the levels between 30 and 50 percent. Finally if you have any wet surfaces make sure to dry them up. If it is not taken care of this can cause mold. If you have mold or think you might call moldxperts for all your testing. We will be there for you through it all.

Who is MoldXpertsNY?

If you’re at all concerned about mold in basement regions or other parts of your building, put in a call to MoldXpertsNY for a comprehensive mold inspection and mold testing at your address. As a full-service mold detection company, our certified mold inspectors can take care of all your residential and commercial mold testing requirements, including black mold testing. Don’t risk exposure to dangerous types of mold: Call our mold inspection company today! Since 2004, MoldXpertsNY has been a reliable resource for mold detection services from mold air testing to accurate surface sampling. We’re proud to be one of the only mold inspection companies in Manhattan that uses thermal imaging cameras to track down and pinpoint the origin of concealed mold. When you’re searching for mold testing specialists that have the training and technology to help, you can’t go wrong with our incomparable combination of experience and efficiency. We’ll work quickly...

Indoor Air Quality

Do you ever feel sick in your home?  It may not be the home, it may be the air in your home . There is now scientific evidence that "revealed that the air within homes can be more seriously polluted than the air outdoors". ( Think about how much time you spend indoors especially during the colder months, overtime your health is being exposed to it and can make you sick. Make sure you get your air quality tested by MoldXpertsNY today! 

Mold Law Effective as of Jan 2016

Do you know that it is against the law for the same company to test and remediation the mold? NYS has a law in effect as of January 2016 that says the testing and remediation MUST be two separate companies! Make sure you reach out to us for all your mold testing needs today!

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